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Ciela Law

ISSN: 2815-4452

Ciela Law



Bulgarian legislative acts and public international legal acts translated into English language


  • More than 1400 Bulgarian legislative acts translated into English language, grouped by type  - the Constitution, codes, laws, regulations, ordinances, tariffs, etc

  • International legal acts and documents (in English and Bulgarian), including Agreements for avoidance of double taxation

  • Repealed acts and previous versions of the legislative acts in force

  • Constitutional Court decisions

  • Legal Procedures

  • English-Bulgarian Legal Dictionary


  • Easy switch from original to translated texts in respective issues of the State Gazette
  • Update of previous versions of statutory instruments
  • User friendly interface and style change option
  • Notebook with a calendar and reminder options
  • Open and save documents in Word or PDF format
  • Comparing two versions of an act and highlighting amendments and supplements
  • Fast global search in the database. Local search in a list of acts or an open act
  • Hyperlinks and cross-references between interconnected documents
  • Creating personal user structures for users to arrange documents
  • Copy and print of texts


English translations to all Bulgarian codes and laws, including the newest amendments and supplements to all acts in force.


Weekly updates in English to Bulgarian legislative acts as promulgated in the respective State Gazette issue.

Subscribers to Ciela Law are the following European and international institutions:
Library of the European Parliament
Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union - Library
Legal Service of the European Parliament
Court of Justice of the European Union - Library
European Commission - Translation Centre DGT
European Commission Representation in Bulgaria
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Representation of the International Monetary Fund

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