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Ciela Law

Ciela Law


Bulgarian legislative acts, as well as some public international legal acts translated into English language


  • More than 1400 Bulgarian legislative acts translated into English language, grouped by type  - the Constitution, codes, laws, regulations, ordinances, tariffs, etc;

  • International legal acts and documents (into English and Bulgarian language), including Agreements for avoidance of double taxation;

  • Repealed acts and previous editions of the legislation acts in force.

  • Constitutional Court decisions

  • Legal Procedures

  • English-Bulgarian Legal Dictionary


  • Automatic switch from and to the translated texts of the legislation acts in the respective edition (State Gazette No) of the marked article/paragraph;
  • Maintenance of previous editions of the statutory instruments;
  • Modern interface and style change option;
  • Notebook with a calendar and reminder option;
  • Open documents directly in Word or PDF;
  • Comparison between two editions of a certain act with colouring of the amendments and additions;
  • Fast global search in the database. Local search in a list of acts or an open act (F3);
  • Hyperlinks and cross-references between documents which are interconnected;
  • Creation of personal user structures in which the user arranges documents by copying them;
  • Copy and print of texts.


-          English translations of all Bulgarian codes and laws (with a few exceptions) are available in Ciela LAW and our team of professionals does its best to translate all newly promulgated ones as well as the amendments and supplements in the acts in force within the shortest possible terms.


Weekly updates: updates to the Bulgarian legislative acts in English are carried out every week according to the amendments and additions promulgated in the State Gazette editions.

The product Ciela Law offered by Ciela is a world class software.This is evidenced by ournumerous clients, among whom are the following:

A number of European and international institutions:
Library of the European Parliament
Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union - Library
Legal Service of the European Parliament
Court of Justice of the European Union - Library
European Commission - Translation Centre DGT
European Commission Representation in Bulgaria
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Representation of the International Monetary Fund

Bulgarian institutions:
St. St. Cyril and Methodius National Library
Air Traffic Services Authority
the Supreme Administrative Court / SAC /

International companies:
Lukoil - Moscow
Lukoil - Bulgaria Ltd.
Solvay Sodi

Foreign diplomatic representations:
US Embassy Sofia Bulgaria
Embassy of Germany in Sofia
Hellenic Business Council in Bulgaria (HBCB)
Netherlands Embassy in Sofia
The British Embassy in Sofia
Embassy of Japan in Bulgaria
Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain

The successful and long-term partnership with these and other clients motivates us to maintain and develop the quality of our reference software systems